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that was really epic, but i thought it was more of a horror than a comedy

ZenithQuinn responds:

i think it was more of a romantic musical


Very funny, but make it go a bit faster. Timing makes it funnier.
On your next BUM episode try making it a bit longer to.

Very bad bug here.

When the animation ends stop the music! Why?
So the music doesn't keep overlapping, and overlapping!


IXPyroEddXI responds:

As i said the format had been somehow messed up

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fun game, but hard, i got through all the medium levels though! =D


Sound: 1/10 No background music, and limited
Graphics: 4/10 The graphics aren't very appealing. All you have is a yellow background, and a few gems, which turn white when you match them.
Gameplay: 2/10 The fact that you have to wait for the gem to go round makes it quite
frustrating, which makes it impossible to actually think about what your doing.
There's no special gems that help you win.
Overall: 3/10

It was ok

good things
-I thought the grenade and fire bombs were pretty cool ^.^

bad things

-walls glitch out your movement
-music loop is only like 10 seconds long... at least have a mute button..
-no shops are people to talk to
-no storyline to go with intro
-i dont like the idea of trying and trying why not have a checkpoint to redo
what you failed on with same amount of lifes, grenades etc.


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This was really pleasant to listen to. :)

Hexsixth responds:

Thanks! :D
Glad you enjoyed it.

Here are me thoughts: I really liked this, but I feel like some of the instruments clash with each other, and can get a crazy. For example, at like 1:20, you have too many instruments playing different things at the same time. The piano feels unnaturally loud compared to everything else. Also, the sound glitches out at 1:40, you may want to fix that. On a positive note, I love the vibe this has, and the chord progressions that you used.

Edman520 responds:

Yea I know sometimes it clashes but it goes with the feel of the song. And yep I totally know what you mean by the spot at 1:20, ill try and fix that. Oh and at 1:40 it is suppose to do that. Thanks for the tips!

This was awesome, I really liked it. Some of the drums were a bit quiet though, but it wasn't a big problem for me.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thanks a lot supaman321! I get what you're saying about the percussion ;)

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This is my story:
I was searching Shadman's Page cuz im a fan. I seen a thumbnail of a girl holding her tits.
Then Boom this giant dick comes up......
Is this a prank?
I think you made the dick too small too...




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